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Training for Everest

– May 8, 2018 by Mozella Perry Ademiluyi

Each one of us gets to a place in our lives when we realize we must embark on a new way of being in order to reach some of our toughest goals. Often, something disrupting happens that makes us (forces us) to make the changes required to live both a more productive and happier personal and professional life. Why shouldn’t we get from where we are to where we want to be? Given my own re ...more

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I enjoy creative writing that has a message embedded in it. Sometimes a photo I take inspires the theme. Other times, a theme just ‘presents’ itself from everyday interactions and experiences.  Then I look for a photo I can take that helps support the ideas. I love the interactive relationship between my writings and the photos I take ... both are great fun to me.

It’s wonderful to receive emails from my readers who are delighted that what I share speaks specifically to them or they have something they wish to share too  – these kinds of responses keep me writing!

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